World Food Day 2023 – Vandana Shiva and Sr Jayanti in conversation. An inspiring three part interview on transforming food systems: 1. Agriculture and peace, the value of millets 2. eating colourfully as per ayurvedic science, remaking food as sacred, changing our consciousness related to food and 3. recognizing water is life, valuing interdependence with other living beings and so, so much more. Invest the time to feed your mind and intellect!

Brahma Kumaris Environment Intiative


A fresh awareness to energize food systems

Brahma Kumaris Environment Intiative


A fresh awareness to energize food systems

What is FCI

The Food Care Initiative is a selection of events to contribute to the UN Food Systems Summit and global discussions about food and food systems.

It is designed to offer a fresh awareness to energize food systems, to give you the opportunity to learn about food systems and add your voice and vision to the kind of system you would like to see in the future.

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Mother’s Milk (Maa ka Doodh) is a full length documentary (English and Hindi versions) about the meat industry in India. It features a medical doctor turned documentarian, who quits his job and embarks on an investigative journey across India to find out if there is indeed a link between the nation’s massive dairy consumption and its beef exports. The movie raises important questions about the meat and diary industry and if we want it to be part of our lives.

Natura Umana is a Romanian documentary movie (captioned in English and other languages) that explores the relationship between humans, animals and nature. The documentary raises a lot of questions regarding our interaction with animals and nature.

Launch Event

An international project by the Brahma Kumaris inspired by the UN Food Systems Summit launched in 2021.
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Food Value Cards

Food, especially fresh, locally grown vegetables, and fruits give our bodies energy. These foods also have certain characteristics that can remind us of our own inner qualities that we can nurture and grow. We have developed a set of blessing cards that celebrate these foods and our virtues.

Eight Themes

Eight Themes

Food and consciousness

Food and choices

Food and sacredness

Appreciating the interconnectedness of our food systems

Honouring nature’s role in our food systems

Instilling values into our food systems

Creating sustainability in our food systems

Taking action to shift our thinking about food and food systems

We welcome you to use the various resources provided here to create your own Food Care Initiative. You may use the interesting tools provided in the toolkit to make a workshop, or create an in person event or put an amazing dialogue. All you need is love and inspiration. Let us know about your event so that we can share the news worldwide.

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